Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before & After pictures of the yard

We're still playing in is a little post I created awhile back that never got shared. I am loving every minute of our crazy busyness here in the South. So far, over 612 pics taken..."fun" truly doesn't describe the last week and a half of our trip. Can't wait to share more warm MS memories soon!

When we moved into our new home at the end of April, the yard needed a lot of tlc. It had been awhile since it had been taken care of, but luckily a lot of the groundwork had already been laid by the owners while living there. We just needed to give it a little fixer-upper! Though it's far from done, we feel as if huge improvements have been made and can truly smile when we pull into the driveway and look at the fruits of our labor.

One of the things we love about our yard is the hostas. There were quite a few already planted all around the house and just in need of sprucing up so that they could bloom. After pulling and digging out the weeds and such, it was amazing to see what could transpire after only a few weeks. Because several of the back hostas were so large, we dug them up, split them in quarters and moved some to the front beds to fill in some gaps. Our neighbors are enjoying the remaining 6 from the separated hostas. :)

This picture below of the "seen-better-days" hostas was taken within 2 weeks of us moving in. The next picture underneath is a more recent one...isn't it amazing what change can take place in under 6 weeks?!
Clay and our neighbor Jeff did a lot of trimming and cutting those first several weeks. (It was so hard to work on unpacking boxes inside because of the beautiful weather outdoors; therefore, we found the larger outdoor tasks to be quite enjoyable and somewhat relaxing.) 
The picture below is just of the branches of 3 front bushes that needed to be pruned desperately. They will be bare this season, but start to really come alive next year!
I wish I had gotten a picture of this front flower bed before we started doing work on it. The whole thing was covered in weeds, branches, ground cover, grass...basically, it was scary enough that one might be afraid to go near it for fear of a snake or swampy character leaping out at them. Once again, the potential was amazing, it just needed a little work. We sprayed, dug, pulled, planted...this was about midway through the process....starting to look much better.
I took this picture of the bed below the other's not something you would see out of Southern Living or Beautiful Homes and Gardens, but definately easier on the eyes than what we started with!! We're happy and proud of it! We planted 3 new hostas from the back and will leave it as is for this year. (We are planning on adding 1-2 more lilies here, but I'm not sure when we'll get around to doing that) We decided to stick with pure greenery this season for several reasons: A. Low cost  B. Simplicity

...we did have a house that needed to be unpacked sometime in the near future! I had to laugh because my two boys would find the most interesting things that "needed to be taken care of right away" in the yard and would disappear for hours. Clay and Parker would come back up for sandwich lunches and then head back out to play! Thank goodness for rainy days; I was starting to worry after a few weeks that we would never finish the inside! ha ha!
We love our yard and our outdoor space. What makes it even more special and fun is watching Parker as he excitedly runs outdoors every chance he gets. He thinks we have the biggest backyard in the world as he believes that the 3 neighbors' homes to the left of us are all his for play and enjoyment too! ;) They wouldn't dare tell him otherwise. :) I love our neighbors.

The move was so worth it.

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