Thursday, June 10, 2010

Me at 27

On Sunday I turned 27.

Me at 27:
I eat a piece of chocolate every day, 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2, happily married to my hubby of 4 1/2 yrs and loving each and every day that we are together, chasing after my busy 2 1/2 yr old 24/7, enjoying the everyday moments more & more, thankful for family & memories, blessed by my friends, loving the Lord & His grace, praying lots, happy trying new recipes in the kitchen frequently, I talk to my mama every day on the phone (usually multiple times), still stressing daily about the little things, promising myself (for the 12th year in a row) not to stress over the little things this next year, organizing and cleaning for fun more than as a chore, missing hubby more and more each time he leaves for trips, dreaming about upcoming projects to get my hands into (half of which have to do with scrapbooking/recording memories), excited about my first herb garden & having a backyard to play in this summer, looking forward to sippin' sweet lemonade & chocolate covered strawberries on our deck over the next several months, photography is just a small obsession, excited about new opportunities & adventures, looking for something to decorate &/or organize every day, a planner who has learned to have a little more flexibility... loving life to the fullest!!!

One of my girlfriends & I were chatting the other day about how funny it was that we used to think "30" was so old. Now, being only a few years from that point, I realize how mistaken we were!!! I will admit that when I go home & see kids I used to babysit for graduating highschool & starting college...that does make me feel old. It's fun to watch them though & remember back to that time of my life (well, for a short time anyway!)

I love my life & where I am at with it. Though every month & every year brings new challenges & some not so fun changes, I am thankful for the time & the experience of "getting older." I feel alive & happy. With each challenge brings a reward in the end. Whether those rewards are confidence, wisdom, lessons learned, closer relationships...they are indeed there. Some hidden maybe, but there for us if we will accept them.

So here's to another year! I can't wait to see what 27 has to offer. I plan to seize each opportunity, enjoy more simple, everyday moments & be thankful for everything that is in my life at the given moment.

Friends of ours at church had a celebration at their house following their daughter's baby dedication Sunday afternoon. Lauren & Jonathan are from the deep South as well, so it has been fun getting to know them these past couple of months. I have to say...Lauren entertains in true Southern fashion. Everything down to the smallest detail was planned out. She had a tent set up in the yard along with vintage fair games for the older children. Parker loved the Duck Pond where he could pick up & play with the many bright colored ducks. Although, after the rental game was turned into "Let's bob for apples!" he got confused as to what you were actually supposed to pick up with your mouth. We had to continously tell him that you're not supposed to bob for the ducks & to please place the little creatures back in the water. Ducks or apples, it didn't matter. He had a blast playing in the water & being a carefree little boy!
The pink & white decorations were exquisite...they matched Lauren & Eleanor's (Lauren's daughter) sweet personality perfectly!
Each of the moms posed for a quick picture with the sweet babes...Parker & I were the only ones not in it because he was too busy running off enjoying a cupcake that one of the kind ladies had offered him. :)
I love these girls & am so thankful for our Sunday School class; Clay & I have been blessed with many new friends this year that I know will be lifelong friends of ours.
(L to R: Yu Wen, Katie, Lauren, Stephanie & Katie)
All the guys had to get out in the yard & play baseball while the night was still young. My favorite was watching the kids' observations of the older guys out there tossing the ball around.

At the end of the evening celebration, Lauren handed out sparklers to each of the older children along with some fun candy. I think Parker's expression below says it all:

What a fun memory! I remember how excited I would get twirling around sparklers in the dark, night sky when I was younger (& actually still do!) so it was fun to experience this new wonderment with Parker.

It was a fun day getting to spend time with family & friends. The week has been a busy one...more on that tomorrow. Right now, I've got to go get my bread out of the oven. :) Have a good night!

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