Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Clay!!!

Happy Happy 30th Birthday to my Baby!
I love you more and more every day that we are together & can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

I love how you love being around people...I love how you miss your family & want everyone to be together all the time...I love how you will shave my corn off the cob because you know I won't eat it otherwise...I love watching you play with Parker...I love how into projects you get (especially when they're fixer-uppers or outdoor projects)...I love how you need me to remind you where everything is all the time (well, sometimes I love that!)...I love how you like to surprise Parker & me & even spoil us...I love how you & I enjoy traveling together...I love how you love to take me out to eat (just so I can't be multi-tasking at home while we're eating)...I love how you love sports & anything outdoors (I love watching you play sports!)...I love how you love to teach Parker new things...I love how much you love to talk about snowskiing & how you're ready to go again...I love & appreciate how hard you work for our family...I love how you call me several times a day (on the days you can!) when you're on trips...I love how much you know about so many things...I love how you love watching all those outdoor & history shows when you can (ie lumber something, whale watchers something, war shows, how things are made...if it's educational you love it!)...I love your cute behind --did I really just type that on this blog?!...I love your laugh & smile...I love how financially smart you are & how much you enjoy talking about finances...I love how you like things in order (to a certain degree!)...I love how you can pack 102 boxes in a space that fits 100 boxes & it actually look organized & better than if someone else threw in 86 (in other words, I love your spacial organization)...I love how you can fix & have a solution for anything & everything & you act like it's no big deal...I love so many different things about you...and continue to love even more about you every single day that we are together...
but mostly,
I love the way you love me & our family!!!!
Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

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