Saturday, June 12, 2010

our week in summary & one fun summer cookout

This is a quick glimpse of our week: Monday-Friday

Furniture shopping (Parker didn't last long...perfect time to nap...when there are 100's of sofas available for tired little boys), hubby fixing up an old piece of furniture, sanding it down & spray painting it for me (thanks Clay!! This picture was taken around 2am! He's such a hard worker.), making chicken salad for lunches for the week, a morning trip to the zoo, some afternoon summer inspiration out on the deck, simple but fun playtime on the deck one sunny afternoon after naptime, 15 loaves of homemade strawberry bread made for guests at cookout Friday night, & Friday night Cookout!!!

Friday evening Clay flew in for a rest night from a 6 day trip. We jumped on the opportunity to have our Sunday School class over for a summer cookout. I wish we could have these once a month! What an amazing fellowship time we had with the 30 guests. The house was filled diaper bags, pack n play's...I LOVED it! I believe there were 5 or maybe 6 newborns in can imagine who got all the attention that night... ;) Our original plan was to have everything outside. An extra table with chairs were going to sit out on the grass where a couple of the older kids could sit up, play, enjoy the grass, etc. Due to heavy rain earlier in the day, we kept it to the deck & inside the house. Although by the end of the evening when it hadn't rained anymore, the guys pulled out some yard game that they really got into for a good hour or so.

I do wish I had taken more pictures of people, but I was lucky to get the shots I did. The only downfall to hosting is that you can't spend 75% of the evening taking pictures of everything that's going on, because you're the one doing everything! Clay & I had a wonderful time visiting with our dear friends & are hoping that everyone had as good of a time as we did. Appetizers were served around 5:30...Strawberry chicken salad, chips & salsa, vegetables with Creamy Vegetable dip, and a simple cheeseball with crackers. On the dinner menu: Pineapple Chicken Kabobs, sweet corn & a delightful pasta salad. Desert was a surprise birthday cake for dear hubby who celebrates a big day this weekend!

Thanks to each of you who came to celebrate summer with us! And thanks to our dear neighbors, Jeff & Heather for letting us use your grill as a second cooking space. Oh, & thanks to other dear neighbor, Kat, for running an egg over to the house Thursday night (at 10:30pm...isn't she great!) when I ran out before my last batch of bread.

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