Monday, August 23, 2010

34 weeks and a peek into the nursery

Here's the tummy picture of Baby Nolen at 34 weeks! It is an active little baby, just like it's older brother! Kicking, somersaulting, twisting and what seems like 24/7 movement. Parker wants to "chat with" and feel his little brother or sister move each day. It's sweet to watch him put his little lips and hand up to my tummy to say "hi" to the baby. Parker is going to be such a precious big brother!
Clay and I finished the nursery a couple of weeks ago; it is "Baby ready" stocked with diapers, onesies and lots of love!!! The primary colors are black and cream (looks more white in this picture, but it is a deep cream) and the style is a basic black paired with gingham sheets and a classic, vintage "children at play" toile to compliment.
This is actually the exact nursery bedding and decor that we used in Parker's nursery with the exception of the curtains. (Parker's nursery looked completely different than this though, because it was a larger room that acted as the guest room, nursery and office...definitely a multi-purpose room!)
If not for the help and creativity of Clay's parents and sisters in December 2007, we would not have any of this!!! I was at a complete loss for what I wanted for the nursery bedding and decor; what I had in mind, I couldn't seem to find anywhere. When one of Clay's sisters saw this online and I gave quick approval, the family acted fast to assemble an entire nursery setting before Parker arrived!! It turned out adorable and has proved to be the perfect fit for our home then and now! I am thrilled to be able to use it again for Baby Nolen #2.
The room is a true "nursery size" so there is not much room for anything other than the guest bed and crib, but I love the simple and cozy look of it. Decorative boxes that match the sweet "children's play" toile are stacked at the end of the crib as you walk into the room.
The monogrammed initial set that we used for Parker will be recreated using the new baby's initials once we know what this little one is! The set of three will go directly above the crib just as in Parker's old room in the apartment.
I love the simplicity of the black satin with the vintage "children's play" theme.
On the side wall next to the closet, hangs a frame with pictures of Parker in black and white at one month. I am looking for a similar frame that will go directly beneath it and will hold pictures of the baby at four weeks too.
I have a few other fun things that I would love to display, but I'm not sure what will happen with these just yet, since we don't have a little side table or anything in the room. I'm pondering with the idea of purchasing a miniature black shelf for the would hold a frame with the little lamb and mother and then I would hang a few small frames, etc. around the shelf in scattered collage form.
Inside the closet: white onesies, gender neutral onesies and gowns and some white/ivory bonnets that were Parker's when he was an infant. Also, the matching toile diaper rack hangs from one of the shelves. I'm not quite sure about the closet situation either. I'm toying with the idea of placing some baskets on the shelves to keep everything neat and in place. They have some cute ones at Target right now that would go great with the "honey" coloring of the crib and the cream decor...the hard part is deciding which ones (there are 2 different styles I have my eye on)...and convincing my hubby that this is a "needed item!" ha! Though the clothes work fine on the wire shelves for now, I know that after this little one is born, we will be adding to its wardrobe and with that comes more to keep in a neat little stack!
(I have also washed, folded and placed in the closet all boy clothes up to six months just in case. :) If we are blessed with a sweet little girl though, I will just pack up the boy things for another time!)
Clay, Parker and I are sooo excited to welcome this baby into the family this fall! I am currently trying to wrap up the remaining house projects before B. Nolen arrives as well as working on getting a few systems in place that will simplify life for awhile during the adjustment period of having not one, but two little ones in the household!


valerie said...

Oooo ... weeee!!! How exciting!! How I wish I could see y'all more often! What does Parker have to day about his future sibling??

Anonymous said...

Aw I LOVE it! I love the classic look! How in the world have you waited this long without knowing what you are having? I would love to do that!! Not sure I have the willpower!! Haha! Love ya girl!

Jami said...

Nursery looks great Carrie! It couldn't be more ready for the little babe to arrive.