Thursday, August 26, 2010

POTD's this week

I thought I'd share a few recent ones (picture of the day's that is):

Sunday, August 22:
Hanging picture frames and wall decor at 10:30pm

Monday, August 23
A daily activity: "I want you to play cars too mama."

Wednesday, August 25
Baking sugar cookies as an after-supper treat...just as a forewarning, it's a dangerous thing to put a two and a half year old and a 3rd trimester pregnant woman in the kitchen alone together armed with baking goodies. We were both so anxious to eat the sugary treats that these were probably the ugliest cookies I have ever turned out of an oven before...but man, they were yummy!!! ;)

Thursday, August 26
Our neighbor, Kat, brought over fresh tomatoes from her garden tonight. Parker would've eaten them like candy if I had let him!
I love how some pictures are close-up and show only one idea while others are taken from a distance to show multiple representations. Creative, messy, neat, cute, ugly, simple,'s all part of everyday life. I love to capture it all.

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