Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teddy Bear Park, picnic overlooking the St. Croix, and old fashioned malts...

On Saturday, Clay, Parker and I headed out reasonably early for a play date in Stillwater, MN. I am a huge fan of this quaint community and love visiting the area a couple of times a year...it was actually the first place that Clay took me to in MN right before moving up here after the wedding. We went and ate at the Dock Cafe as we chatted about our future together in MN.

With our move, doctors appts, travels to MS, and just all out busy schedule this spring and summer, we haven't done as many day trips as we typically try to do. With Saturday being somewhat free, I jumped at the opportunity to plan a mini trip to Teddy Bear Park, followed by a picnic and some browsing through the local community. Parker was so excited when we arrived at the big play area; he ran straight to the big choo choo train to climb, slide and play! Other neat attractions for children in this park include a "Spider's web" climbing zone, a super-sized tree house complete with a bridge, slides, and secret peepholes, a rock climbing area (which scared all the mom's to death, but the kids and dads had great fun with it), sandbox zone, and much much more!

One of the fascinating things about the park is that it overlooks the central downtown area which is right on the St. Croix River. So, as you're playing at Teddy Bear Park, which is on top of a large hill, you get a beautiful view of not only virtually the whole town itself, but also the spectacular sights of the St. Croix River and Bridge (on one side of this spectacular bridge is MN and on the other Wisconsin).

We spent a good two hours at the park before taking our picnic goods down to the river. There are many yummy restaurant options that sit overlooking the bridge and town, so if you don't want to picnic, you can choose from one of the fabulous dining options available. Parker sat mesmorized by the passing boats in the water and by the seagulls flying overhead making their famous squawking sounds.

After lunch, Parker and Clay fed the seagulls as I packed up our belongings. We then opted for a leisurely walk on the dock, hoping to see the Bridge lift and the fine boats at the Stillwater Boat Club (hubby requested a walk to see the nice boats actually...like trucks, he enjoys researching and viewing these luxury items as often as he can!) Parker's wonderment with the Bridge lift and the 40+ passing boats was cute to watch.

It was a warm day, so we were quickly ready for a cold treat. Clay took us to a local malt shop and diner, Leo's Grill and Malt Shop, where we dined on old fashioned malts. Parker opted for a simple chocolate ice cream cone, but thoroughly enjoyed that as well! After cooling off for a few minutes with our treats, we started walking back towards the car. We stopped in two little shops on our way out just for fun...it made me want to do some early Christmas and birthday shopping. There were such neat little things to see that it made you want to not leave without taking something home with you! Clay said it was a good thing I hadn't brought my purse with me! ha!

At that point, it was past nap time, so we loaded up the car and headed home to tackle some household to do's. Big accomplishments to check off list: Assembled the rest of Parker's furniture in his bedroom including his new bunk bed!!! He was so excited to get to sleep in his new bed that night! Wish he wanted to sleep two hours later in the morning now with his new bedding, but I guess that's asking too much! ha!
6am the next morning..."The sun is up mama! The sun is up now mama! Time to get up!" ;)



valerie said...

LOVE the pic with the chocolate cone!!! Sounds like y'all had a really good time!! So glad!

Jami said...

What a fun little trip! There are so many great adventures just a short drive away. Teddy Bear Park looks awesome!