Monday, November 1, 2010

around our house on Halloween...

Yesterday afternoon, around 4:30, our house turned into a pumpkin patch and all things Halloween! Carving jack o' lanterns, changing into costumes, watching an excited Peter Pan run from yard to yard squealing, "I Peter Pan!", placing out candy, making fun memories with Nana and Poppie, trick or treating, chowing down a quick McDonalds meal for supper, and chatting with neighbors out by a fire pit while watching hundreds of kids run through the neighborhood...this was our 2010 Halloween.

Parker, Poppie and Clay enjoyed carving fun faces into the pumpkins out on the deck. Parker and Cooper even had special "mini" pumpkins, which Parker was in charge of helping decorate before the carving started.
It was a chilly October day, so Cooper had to spend most of the day warm inside, but he ventured out for a few quick moments throughout the day.
Cooper's special jack o lantern that his big brother helped make for him.
....what Cooper did for most of Halloween...snooze... :) But doesn't he make the cutest little Halloween treat ever?!
Loved that all day Parker was telling everyone he was going to be Peter Pan for Halloween and that Baby Cooper was going to be a pumpkin....
Parker certainly picked up the trick or treating part quickly; after one house he was a little pro ringing those doorbells, flashing that cute grin and holding out his little treat pail. What made it even more fun was running around with his neighborhood friends, "little miss bumblebee" and "sweet candy corn." They all looked adorable :)

One of my favorite things this year was what some of our creative neighbors did with their jack o lanterns. The displays on front porches were breathtaking...wish I had some better pictures of these. Another favorite...Buzz and Linda, neighbors of ours, traditionally hand out hot chocolate to each of the trick or treaters. Then the nearby neighbors gather around another friend's firepit and sip hot chocolate as the trick or treaters pass by.

I am already looking forward to the festivities next year...hmmm, I'll have to get a little more creative with my own costume next Halloween. This year, I dressed as a "mom to newborn baby who was too busy feeding one child and dressing the other to fix her hair that day." I thought I played the part really well actually. :)

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Ginna Abbey said...

So cute!! And you look GREAT!