Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thank you to our family!!!

In less than 8 hours Nana and Poppie will be leaving MN; that means that all of our family will have departed. :( To say I'm sad, anxious and not ready for the "family time" to be over would be an understatement. Clay and I always look forward to having family come stay since we aren't lucky enough to live close to any of our relatives. We were so blessed to be able to have family come this time for an extended stay before and after Cooper was born.

Nana was able to come up prior to the delivery...thinking she would be here for a few days before the baby arrived "early." Those few days turned into a few weeks...what a blessing that was for us! The last 2 weeks before Cooper was born, I felt like I was on a physical roller coaster ride. One day I would be down on the floor playing with Parker, dusting, I had all the energy in the world and the next day I would be good for nothing and had to literally get help putting my socks and shoes on! ha ha! I remember the day before I was due with Cooper, I was down on the floor playing cars and building a highway system at 8am. Two days later and for pretty much the rest of that week before Cooper was born, I felt like I was doing good to roll (and I mean literally roll) out of the bed each morning (and the 5 times I'd get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!)

My mom flew in a couple of days before Cooper was born and was able to stay with us a week. She watched Parker while we were at the hospital and helped manage the house over the next few days when we got home.

After she left, Nana flew back up to stay for awhile longer and last week Poppie flew in to meet his grandson.

I have not done a load of laundry in over 6 weeks. I have hardly cooked or done a thing in the kitchen over the last 6 weeks. Every day for the last 6 weeks I have had help with our sweet angel of a toddler who, as much as we love him so, wears us out with his daily activities. :) The help from our family has been indispensable and I truly don't know how we could have done it without them. It has helped make these last 3 weeks so much easier for recovery.

Poppie, thank you for taking time out of your super busy work schedule to visit us! I appreciate your help with the household projects (as always!). Thank you for my delicious and warm, homecooked Southern breakfasts these last several days. This morning I literally closed my eyes as I savored each bite...knowing that it might possibly be my last hot meal for awhile. ;)

Mama, we really appreciate you taking off time from school to come spend the week with us. I don't know how we would've made it without you. Parker had a blast with his Rassie at the park, at home playing games and reading books and just spending time with you!!!  You always think of the most fun things to keep your grandson entertained when mama and daddy aren't able to provide that time that he needs.

Nana, I'm not quite sure how you managed to put up with us (ahem... well, mostly I'm referring to me!) for all this time...but I love you so for it!!! Thank you for wanting to come spend this time with us and for working so hard to try and make my life as easy as possible these last 6 weeks! You have slaved over this household and us...I don't know how we could ever repay you. I am so glad you love spending time in "your office" :) and appreciate all the scrumptious meals you fixed for us over these last several weeks...thank you for thinking of our upcoming months and stocking our freezer!!! We loved our visiting time as well and can't wait for the next party!

We love each of ya'll so much and are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! We understand that we are sooo spoiled and that we are also beyond blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive family who loves us so! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

P.S. Is it too late to beg you to stay?!
P.P.S. You can all start praying for me now... :)


Ali said...

So sweet!! You are a lucky gal.

Terra Cravens said...

Isn't family WONDERFUL!!!!! You are going to do great "on your own"! Love you!!!