Thursday, November 11, 2010

our one month old blessing!

My tonight at 7:30pm...cozied up by a warm fire in our living room with my three boys. Love these sweet hands and feet. They are the cause of many of my smiles throughout the day!

Cooper, exactly one month ago today, I got to hold you in my arms for the first time. This last month of watching you grow has been such a special one. Last night, as I was sitting and rocking you exhausted from a lack of sleep and a little soreness from our busyness over the last several days, I couldn't help but smile...I could not have been happier. Though several hours of each of my days are spent in "Zombie-mode" I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so thankful that God blessed our family by sending you to us. You are so precious and I love you. I can't wait for another month of growth, grins and giggles!!!

(Yes, I did get my hair chopped off and am loving it! And yes, that is baby spit up all over my sleeve!!!)

The short version of Cooper's Birth Story:

Oct 3: your expected due date
(We were actually expecting you to be delivered about a week prior to your expected due date, so we were anxiously awaiting your arrival...but on Oct 4 at my dr appt I wasn't dilated at all!!)

Oct 10: We were scheduled to get to the hospital for an induction prep that evening..when we called in, all the rooms were full so they said they would have to put the induction prep off until Monday evening and I would be induced on Tuesday morning. I called my doctor to see if I could at least come in and get checked Monday morning in case I wasn't in need of the prep anymore. The doctor confirmed our arrival time for Monday morning at 7:30.

Oct 10: 11:15pm had a contraction...didn't think anything of it because I had had random ones in the prior weeks

Oct 11: 3am woke up feeling funny...realized I was having contractions 2-4 min apart...woke Clay up at 4am
Called dr beard around 5:45am and said, "Guess what Dr. Beard?!" He replied with a smile (I could tell he was smiling), "You're in labor." My response...a very excited, "I'm in labor!!!" After asking me a few questions he told me it was definately time to come to the hospital. On that note my husband had the car ready to go in seconds. We drove to Burnsville and arrived at the hospital shortly after 6am.
Clay was so cute...he had checked out 2 movies for us to watch when we thought we would be spending a non-eventful night there the evening before. After getting checked out (I was almost at a 3) we popped one of the movies in...the first movie he had chosen was "Back Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez. Such a perfect choice :) I was too excited to sit still for much more than 5 min though and wanted to get up and walk as much as I could. With Parker I was hooked up to iv's and pitosin the whole time so I didn't get to walk at all with my labor that time.

The labor and delivery went amazing! Night and day compared to my first :) Everything from beginning to end went was exactly as I had hoped down to the last detail. God was so good! I wanted so badly to be able to go into labor naturally instead of having to be induced...I had already done the induction thing with Parker; I would love to never have to go that route again if at all possible :)
As it turned out, I was able to labor a few hours at home (even dancing to some of my favorite songs on the radio!), get to the hospital and walk through contractions until mid-morning, progress steadily, get an epidural that WORKED, be relaxed through most of the process and have a quick and easy pushing time. (I pushed 2 1/2 hrs with Parker...14 min with Cooper)

1:39pm sweet Cooper was born
I cried (as I sat stunned at how easy the whole process seemed compared to the first time around) for joy at this precious boy then looked at Clay and said, "So, when's the next one?!" ;)

Cooper - one month old
November 11, 2010

You are an easy and relaxed baby. I could stare at your sweet dimples all day long when you flash those adorable grins. You are already holding your head up steadily and have been since you were a little over 2 weeks old. I love your precious, round head; it looks so perfect. You have your daddy's skin tone...other feature comparisons are yet to be determined. :) You will sit and lay practically anywhere...crib, pack n play, swing, bouncy seat, our arms...when you get really sleepy, a lot of times you will just want to be swaddled and placed in your crib. You love having a warm bath; it seems to relax you. Sleeping through loud noises is not a problem for you. You are a good eater and sleep pretty well at night. Since you were 5 days old your daddy and I started you on an "feeding guideline" recommended by your pediatrician; you took to it immediately and seem to be doing great with the "schedule." Still wearing newborn and 0-3 month clothing and newborn diapers...about to move out of all newborn stuff. You have inherited large hands, are a very noisy eater and sleeper (you grunt and squawk a LOT), and look absolutely precious in blue!!!
I love you Cooper,

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