Tuesday, November 16, 2010

playing in the white stuff

We've been doing a lot of this these last couple of days...

...and this sweet little bundle has been entertaining us with his cuteness.

In between the laundry, spit ups, Christmas shopping (online), diaper changes, the picking up around the house (only for the same area to get trashed again 2 min later! ha!), phone calls and about seventy-six other day to day responsibilities, we've been running out to play in the "white stuff" as much as possible. :) With it getting dark by 4:30 in the afternoon, we have to jump on the opportunity during the daylight hours. I love hearing Parker's squeals and hearty laughs each time he falls or goes sledding down a hill. The excitement in his voice as he runs around makes the half an hour it took just to get him dressed and out the door all the more worth the few minutes of play outside. It makes my heart smile.

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Marsha Goodwin said...

Love your blog...Precious baby boys!!..You have snow, and we are expecting a weekend in the 70's...Y'all enjoy all that white stuff!..See you soon at the wedding...Love you