Sunday, October 23, 2011

A good cause, my growing boys, and other randomness...

The other day I ran across something that I would like to share. Please visit and watch the two brief videos. You will become more aware of the tiny batteries around your home and mine. By the end, your heart will ache for little Emmett, who is a living miracle; hopefully, you will also have a desire to spread this information to your friends and family too.

And on a completely different note (and also very trivial compared to the above mentioned) a few randoms in our life over the last several weeks...

We've recently purchased a new vehicle...we can now fit 8 in our vehicle instead of a squishy 5 (plenty of  room for future carseats...future being the key word there) ;)

I am addicted to Chai's like my Christmas in a cup in the mornings....especially now that the temps have started dropping here. I told Clay the other night when we were laying in the bed that I wanted a milk steamer so I could make my own Chai Tea's lattes in the morning. He wasn't too crazy about that idea but I keep telling him that it would save us a LOT of money in the long run.We'll see if I get one from Santa this year. ;)

Since the end of September, I've shed more than a few tears as I've thought about my precious little boys growing up and getting so big. "Ole Mr. Time, please slow down. I've been having a little trouble keeping up lately."

I think part of my emotions started when Parker recently came home talking about big boy things like the "rad engine" he's going to have one day or when he first got in the car singing tunes from Justin Beiber that he overheard from an older kid at daycare. Then Cooper turned one. After that, there was no stopping the tears from their emotional mama. ;)
October 2011: Typical shot of Clay getting two boys ready and out the door
Between the boys growing up four times as fast as we'd like them to and work and life being slightly crazier busier than usual, we are grabbing onto every simple moment that we have together as a family at home. Some of our most memorable moments have been spent rolling around on the floor wrestling and laughing, going miles around the living room on our knees with airplanes and cars in tow, and squishing up together with boys in our laps as we read stories of pumpkins, apples and Autumn tales.

I am really looking forward to the next several weeks as we have very few organized plans outside the home...and that means more time for baking in the kitchen, playing random made-up games with my boys, more storytimes, more walks in the brisk outdoors and more grilling. It is during these times that my mind is most alive with inspiration and ideas, so I'm sure some additional creative projects will come as a result of all the playtime at home. :) I love this time of the year.

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valerie said...

I love the fall also and look forward to seeing what kind of fun things y'all get to do this year! PS - What kind of vehicle did you get?