Friday, October 7, 2011

We saw the sunrise while airborne this morning.

The picture that I was able to snap quickly from the other side of the plane, while in between the two boys who were, at the time, in very much need of their mama's full attention, does not do justice for the bright red and orange tinted sky that we witnessed on our way to Mississippi.

Often times when I fly I think of my daddy. This morning, I imagined him looking down at me smiling through the sunrise. Funny how flying or being 100's or 1000's of feet above ground (like when I went on that ski lift in Whistler in you come up to the top, it feels and seems like there's nothing on the other side. It literally makes you feel as if the lift is taking you up into the clouds) makes me feel even closer to him. :)

Looking forward to a fun, jam-packed weekend with friends and family from our hometown. Hoping you have a good one too!


Aunt Lala said...

We had so much fun with y'all this whirlwind of a weekend! The boys are precious and we had loads of fun keeping them! Love you all lots!

Tiago Couto said...

Great picture, keep posting! :)

Tiago Couto