Sunday, October 16, 2011

crunching through leaves in the woods of the Arboretum

So, I mentioned in the last post that we flew back into Minne from Mississippi early Monday morning. I did not want Fall to pass us by before we headed out to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, so immediately after flying in, out to Chaska we went. Clay was home (and as usual, we take full advantage of days that he is home to try and get out and do fun things together as a family) so he picked us up from the airport and after taking care of a few "need-to-do" things first, we drove on to our destination.

It was the perfect, relaxing outing that we needed. The boys crawled, played and laughed in the colorful woods. I took some pictures; Clay enjoyed taking everything in (and I'm half of the smiles on his face were due to his visions of future "guys-only-in-the-woods" trips...he often likes to reminisce over his Eagle Scout and hunting days and plan future trips for he and his boys :)). We walked...a lot. It was great though; had it not started raining and approaching suppertime, we would have stayed longer.

I love how this picture is all blurred out except for precious you can tell, he was quite the happy sort riding on top of his daddy's shoulders!

It was slightly difficult to snap pictures of Parker because he was all over the usual. ;)

Family picture. Yea!

If you haven't crunched in leaves yet this Autumn, I would highly recommend going outside right now and trying it. It might just bring a big smile to your face. Happy Fall Friends! :)

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