Saturday, April 21, 2012

363 Service Project and our evening

This morning, we left to meet some of our friends from Young Couples at the church for our 363 project. Our goal: to assemble 400 sandwiches to be delivered by 363 to various shelters and food shelves around the Twin Cities. It was a such a fun project to be involved in! This is my second time to participate with 363 ministries and I look forward to continuing to working with them in the future. (What a great idea it would be for a group of families in a neighborhood to get together and participate in with their children!! It is simple enough for older toddlers and young school age children to be able to help with and to realize that in doing so, they are helping others in need.) I can't say enough good things about this organization. I am a fan.

Parker got to help for a few minutes by placing the bread out on the table and layering some of the cheese.

It was such a tremendous feeling to know that our sandwiches were going to feed 400 hungry mouths!!! Yea!!! So exciting! (ahem, it was also nice to have 40 pounds of meat, 40 loaves of bread and a lot of cheese out of my house. Between that and all the boxes, our house was starting to look like a carpeted food distribution warehouse.)

And for now, this little fellow and his dad are at Parker's first Lacrosse game; they joined some of our friends from church. Minnesota Swarm vs Philadelphia Wings (Clay sent me these photos from his iphone.)

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, this little cowboy has been keeping me busy playing cars and ball...until a few minutes ago. He is now sprawled out, arms overhead, snoozing in his little crib dreaming of the sweet little things that baby boys dream about.

I am now blogging and searching pinterest for a few things instead of doing what I should be doing...packing. Oh well. I can spare a few minutes. In addition to playing on the computer, I am enjoying one of our last fire's in this house. No, it is not really that cold here, but it sure does sound and look nice in my living room. ;) Aah, I am going to miss this fireplace and the fire's that dear hubby builds for me.
All right, I am off to pack until the boys get home!

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