Friday, April 20, 2012

snapshots around our house

Our 14 day meal plan. Yea! This makes me happy! (this should actually last us 3-4 weeks with all the leftovers! Yea!!!) I was inspired last week before I packed up my cookbooks to come up with a meal plan so that there were not more frequent repeats of Monday's lunchtime throughout the next several weeks. :) In a half an hour I had 4 beef dishes cooked and either in the fridge ready to be eaten later that week or in the freezer. Several other dishes were prepped the next day for easy peasy grab-and-go meal access. :) Fun as McDonald's may be for special occasions, we needed some healthier options.

Our crab apple tree bloomed early in the week. One day there was no hint of blossoms, and the next morning we woke up to this!

Thursday night: before bathtime quiet activity. Playdough! This was Cooper's first time with the "doughy stuff" and completely enthralled with the project.

Making progress.

40 loaves of bread covering our dining room table for our Sunday School Class's service project.

Earlier in the week, Parker and I decided to bake some of Nanny's Cookies. We decided to share and deliver some to friends the next day. Wish you lived closer and we would have brought you some "Happy Day Cookies!" :)
**So thankful for Dave Ramsey and our Emergency Car Fund. Yesterday we had to replace our radiator at the last minute! Sooo thankful hubby was home to take care of this! Thank you dear Hubby! :)


Nana said...

Hey hey. We are loving your posts. Question-what kind of deliiousness are "cuties" on your menu? So proud of you. Love, nana

carrie said...

Thanks Nana!!!
yummy fruit...the boys love them! You'll see a post on them soon! love y'all! Thanks for stopping in to say hey! :)