Thursday, April 19, 2012

documenting the busy times

Funny how for months now it is the norm for me to start a post and then 7 days later (or much longer than that!) actually get it posted. Blogging is a creative outlet for me to jot down my random thoughts and our families' happenings through words and pictures, to showcase creative projects and to document pieces of our daily life RIGHT NOW (not months or years later!) all the while listening to inspirational music and sipping a warm cup of tea. Documenting life has always been important to me...but more on that in another post.

Every day I am smiling and grasping for my camera so as not to miss capturing the important pieces of today that I will want to remember many years in the future...the good, the bad, the crazy, the simple, and the serene. After snapping pictures of some of our life moments, it is theraputic for me to sit down and write about write about the happenings, to write about the photography, to write about the history, to write about the process. My writing is inspired by imagination, photography, the world around me, and special memories. I like to write and always have. In elementary, jr. high, highschool, and college my teachers and professors would laugh as they would say, "Carrie, we are not looking for a book here; a paragraph will be fine." I do not know if that concept has always been hard for me to grasp due to the fact that I love writing and documenting so very much or because I am a perfectionist in just about every way and do not want to miss something. However, I do think there is something to the "less is more" notion.

I have set up a personal challenge for myself over the next 30 days to start and finish most of my posts in 20 minutes or less. This way, I can still get my "creative fix" more than a few times a month, but also be content in knowing that I will have a few lengthier posts. I will let you know how it turns out! P.S. This post does not count.

We are moving in less than two weeks; life is busy. Before you know it, half a month is gone and you just have the exhausted body and mind to prove it. I have done this one too many times. I have decided to embrace this insane craziness of a lifestyle right now and document it as best as I can. It should be interesting. :)

Now, on to the fun boys. :) Last week, more than usual, every day was like a marathon for me. I said a prayer for strength, patience and a positive attitude every bright and early morning when Parker would burst into the room excitedly saying there was a "7 by the dots" (whether there was or was not) and asking if he could go downstairs to playFor a number of months, we were actually getting really good sleep in the mornings; I could not believe how late my boys would sleep most days...Cooper especially. With our crazy schedules since the end of last year, it was nice to get that golden hour of extra sleep some mornings. As of last month, they are raring to go as soon as they sense least Parker is. Usually Parker is up before Cooper. Golden hour of extra sleep no more.

Clay and I are having a blast watching our boys grow, play and learn...loving the random things that come out of their sweet mouths at any given moment. I actually like a bit of rowdiness around the house and enjoy seeing the little antics that my kids come up with. However, with all that is going on right now, it is exhausting some days.

Monday morning, my boys woke up ready to eat, play and run with a zest. I wanted to be, but was not. I was tired and energy was long gone from the weekend's festivities. I decided that until naptime came I would try and only accomplish two chores around the house: one load of laundry and the dishes in the dishwasher and sink. The first of the two did not work out well. I did get a load switched over to the dryer before screams broke out from two levels above over a toy mishap. After taking two steps at a time up two flights of stairs thinking someone had gotten hurt during the 52 seconds I had been downstairs, I decided the laundry could wait till naptime.
The latter of the two chores on the list was completed. As I set out to unload the clean dishwasher, two little tikes ran in circles around the kitchen to the living room and back to the kitchen again. I lifted the dishwasher door to put it back in place each time I left to put dishes away in cabinets for fear that one of the little men would ram right over it during one of the circular roundabouts. All sorts of fabrications went through my mind as to what could happen if this accident was to take place. If you are a mom reading this, you totally get what I am saying here. I patted myself on the back when this chore was finished rather quickly and readied myself to load all the dirty dishes. Cooper, meanwhile, thought the loading of dishes looked like quite fun so he decided to help. The loading of the dishwasher was not accomplished quite as quickly. Mama's big helper. ;)

Lunchtime rolled around and the thought of even taking bread out of the pantry and turkey and cheese out of the fridge seemed like an impossible feat, so off to McDonalds we went. Truly on days like these, McDonald's tops my list of favorite places!!
The kids had a blast playing! This was actually Cooper's first time to go up inside the play area...he loved it and was all smiles the whole time. Parker helped him get up the initial steps and then off the two went! It was cute to watch Parker and Cooper together.

I even called one of my girlfriends back home for a much needed girlfriend chat for a few minutes while they were contentedly playing! Thank you Terra!

After Monday, thankfully my momentum picked up and we geared up for some fun happenings (besides packing :)). Clay and I swapped babysitting services with our neighbors to see "Hunger Games." I thought beforehand, it would be a miracle if we weren't snoozing at the end since we went for the 9pm showing, but thanks to the director's and actors' success in keeping up the suspense throughout the whole movie, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Anyway, last week was our turn to watch Brad and Kat's precious daughter, Claire, while they caught the flick. Claire is such a sweet little doll. Parker instantly fell for her and insisted she watch him brush his teeth (so that she would know how to do it) and observe the whole bedtime routine. He asked if she could sit beside him so he could read her a book and she could hold his blankie and wrestling guy a few minutes...I am sure that Claire's highlight of the night was holding the prized wrestling man. :) Random, but speaking of wrestling, I have to tell you how incredibly weird it is to have your four year old come home from preschool talking about Teddy Dibiase and Randy Orton. For 4 years, I sat in college classes right next to Teddy...great guy. He was actually considering getting into the ministry at the time. With a dad who is known as the Million Dollar Man, it would almost be hard not to follow into the legendary footsteps. It is just so weird to hear your child talking so excitedly about this wrestling guy on television when you only know of him as Teddy from college. I will never forget earlier last year when I went in a Blockbuster's and did a double take of Teddy on the cover of Marine 2. Unbelievable. That's awesome! You go Teddy!

I could not stop snapping pictures of these was precious to watch the interaction between them. Claire, kicking her feet and babbling with a smile at everything Parker said, and Parker very solemnly and proudly showing her his abilities to tell stories from the pictures in books.

Friday morning we had the pleasure of watching the O'Conner boys, making it five boys in the home for quite the wild adventure. :) We love having these boys over as they are so well-mannered and kind to our boys...and a joy to play with! They played Cars, built forts, and rode bikes and scooters outside.
Cooper's favorite part was definately the fort! He was jumping up and down squealing with happiness!

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful afternoons that we could not stand to be indoors. Therefore, we took our packing outside where we could enjoy the sunshine. :) It was perfect. I started grabbing groupings of "like" things and carrying them out to our deck table. Clay sweetly commented on how organized I was being and then as soon as I grabbed my camera shook his head and said, "Wait a minute! You are totally staging all of this for pictures!"  Not necessarily, but yes. ;)Packing in an organized fashion actually makes me very happy. And why not get a few pictures of the process?!

I had been dreading this very moment and putting it off for as long as I can. My McCarty's and Peter's Pottery. Uugghhh...can't I just carry this over in my front seat one by one until it all gets there?! Dear hubby: "Here we go again." After silently praying that the Lord would have mercy on each of my sweet pieces of pottery and help them to arrive safely to their new home, I finally started slowly and carefully wrapping each of the pieces.

Parker wanted to pack his own box. He proudly declared, "Daddy! I'm all done. My box is full. I need a new one!" Sweet thing. How can you not smile and tear up when you see his little box?

Saturday night, our neighbors, Brad and Kat, had us over for an official farewell backyard bonfire complete with delicious appetizers and drinks. Sniff. sniff.
I can not even begin to say how much I am going to miss our bonfires.

It was a full week filled with lots of packing, lots of friends, and lots of sweet memories made in the craziness of it all.

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