Thursday, April 26, 2012

packing progress

An updated picture of our packing progress as of Thursday morning. (as much as I would love to claim the little sweet pea in the picture, I cannot....just babysitting our neighbor's precious daughter earlier this morning.)
Packing progress update:
Everything packed in boxes except for pantry, pots and pans, random odd and ends spread throughout the house (including areas of desk, medicines in bathroom closet and junk pile in kitchen) and 12x12 albums (finding a box for these in our selection of grocery store boxes has been quite the challenge :) ...will finish the albums tonight.)

*Yesterday we wrapped up the last big areas for packing: my craft area (which was a HUGE mess!), coat closet, boys bathroom, last items from Master closet, Carrie's bedside table, and most loose ends down in basement.

Goals for today:
Grocery for food this weekend
Cook and prepare supper for tonight and lunch menu for Saturday helpers
Pack 12x12 albums and odd and end items found throughout the house
Load of laundry + laundry sitting on dryer
Pack suitcases with weekend necessity items for all 4 of us.
Pick up trailer (Clay)

Note to self for the 112th time this week: sooo thankful that I am home to be able to get this stuff done!!!

Picture taken of Parker's room early this morning. (I think he is enjoying the current state of the house. I guess he thinks that since mama and daddy have messes everywhere, he can too! Take advantage of it while you can buddy, because this will not be lasting much longer!)

A shot of the "junk pile" currently on my kitchen counter...driving me crazy!!

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