Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dandelion walks

After a day full of preparing for our upcoming move, I was excited when Clay got home and all 4 of us were able to sit down on our deck, enjoy a warm dinner with a cool breeze, and then head out on a relaxing walk around our neighborhood.

Our little mr. mr. decided he wanted to walk the majority of the way instead of ride in the stroller, so we made frequent pauses and stops to enjoy the dandelions and to make wishes in the wind. My favorite part of this, is watching and listening to Cooper happily blowing his dandelion to watch the seeds flutter off in the sky. He is still at that point where his blows are uber cute to listen too...there's not a lot of gusto of wind behind them, but he thinks he is doing big things with those little breaths. :)

My husband scoffed when he saw this picture that I took of thistles along our walking path, but it made me so happy. I love that he and the boys are just up the path a ways...Parker riding his scooter and Cooper happily walking along, with a few breaks to ride on Daddy's shoulders.

I am going to miss the walks in this neighborhood. Crab apple trees, ponds and lakes, century-old oak trees, wide walking paths, the baseball field and park...this area offers such a variety of eye-pleasing landscapes.

Cooper took a much wanted turn on the scooter on the way home.

If you have never taken a dandelion walk in the evening, I would highly recommend it. It is good for the soul. :)

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