Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas pjs and elf glasses

These mischivous two are currently on Santa's watch list ;)
Thanks to Rassie and Lala for our festive Christmas attire (Rassie - pjs, Lala - elf glasses). It's never a dull moment around here with these two!!
This week I am sending our final round of Christmas cards out, getting ready for our annual Sunday School Class Cookie Swap, wrapping a few gifts to have underneath the tree before this weekend, attempting to stay on top of kitchen and laundry, and running around with these two. (Did I mention sleep is apparantly not a very important thing around here these days...well, at least as far as Thing 1 and Thing 2 are concerned!) :) Hope your first part of December is as blissfully crazy happy as ours is!!!

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valerie said...

Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!! Love it!!!