Saturday, December 29, 2012

our Christmas morning, day and evening!

Sipping cold milk out of Elf mugs that Rassie got for the boys...our traditional egg/sausage bake, fresh fruit variety and muffins for breakfast.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Discovering what Santa left under the tree and in our stockings.

Trying out his new workman's tools. 

A view from above.

Trying on his very own, brand new cowboy boots from Nana and Poppie! Rodeo time is just a hop skip and jump away!!!
The little Mr. Mr. likes them very much. :) 
Cooper's favorite things right now: tractors. 
Parker's favorite toys right now: Rescue Heroes and any transportational vehicles 

Santa brought the boys their very own red snow shovel for them to help mama and daddy keep snow off of the deck!

Lots of dress up clothes!!! The little men are going to have so much fun with imaginative play this year with all their new custumes: Ninjas, Knights, Fireman, Spiderman,, my we will have a busy and adventuresome household!


The boys (amazingly) slept till almost 8am on Christmas morning (parker had been sick though and had lost a lot of sleep in prior days and neither boy had napped the day before) so we didn't go downstairs to see Santa presents until almost 8:30. Then came breakfast...and at 10:30ish we started opening our gifts from family. I was hoping to unwrap some the night before, but the boys were completely wiped out so practically every gift was left for opening on Christmas day. That was a LOT of gifts. By almost 12:30 the boys were ready for lunch and a break (aka naptime). The whole family ended up falling asleep in the process of trying to get the boys down and we did not wake up until about 3:30 that afternoon. We started unwrapping around 5 that evening. To be completely true to the story, I still had gifts to wrap and that took up like an hour of the mid-afternoon. At 8:30pm, when we finished unwrapping the last gift, we all crashed in our beds in the same pajamas we woke up in earlier that morning. :)

Thank you to all of our sweet family who made us feel so special and loved this Christmas season!! We missed each of you and hope you all had a wonderful time on this special day as we celebrated each other, new toys and playthings, traditions, and most importantly, our dear Saviour's birth.

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