Sunday, December 30, 2012

A very Merry Season of tidbits and more!

A favorite snack this month (thank you Parents magazine!)

A trip to the doctor for strep. :(

Froggy boots and Christmas pjs for last minute post office runs. (and apparantly, one glove.) Our city post office wins the award for Best Entertainment for Adults and Kids for the month of singing Santa's hat, a singing and dancing reindeer and a singing elf...perfect entertainment for impatient adults and little ones during the not-so-short-lines-season.
A favorite candle.  (thanks mom!)

A fun pillow picked up at Target on sale last year. Love it on my red couch downstairs!

Cute picture of the boys.

Playtime with Rassie during her Christmas visit.

Dear Hubby enjoying his new Christmas toy. An IPad that he has had on his wish list for over a year! Yea for gift cards from family!!
Ever since Christmas morning I have been finding Rescue Heroes all over my house.
Parker's handmade paper chain after Christmas day. (he wanted to use the torn chains as ornaments for his miniature tree in his bedroom.)
A visit from Nana and Poppie!!!
Watching Curious George one morning after Daddy got home from work.
An ornament that made me smile every time I looked at it this season.
Ornament that I would recommend to every mom.

My little snowman that I have become quite fond of this winter. He will definately stay out with us through February.
An ornament from the year we married.
What our fridge looks like today. LOVE the handmade stuff that Parker brings home from church and school. It makes me so very happy!
As usual, I am not quite ready to take down our Christmas decorations, so they will probably stay up another week or two. I always have them down by mid-January, but I am never in a rush to say goodbye until that point. Hey, it is 8 degrees here with snow covering the ground...I am quite happy to keep believing it is still Christmas! :)

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