Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cookies with Santa and the Stricklands Annual Christmas Party!

This morning, our friend Ryan was having Santa come visit for some cookies and coloring. All 4 of us ventured out for some warm hot chocolate, cookies, and coloring time with Santa. What better way to start the month of December than with family time with Santa?

My Christmas cards came in Thursday, so I can't wait to get those sent off the first of the week! This afternoon we got our tree up and the garland on our banister. Tomorrow, we will hopefully get the rest of our Christmas decorating completed! So fun! I love this time of year!

Tonight, some friends of ours from church hosted their annual Christmas party. (After last year's, Clay and I could not wait for the event!) No babysitter was lined up, so Clay and I took turns attending the party. Clay took the first shift at home with the kiddos and here I am now (while he's at the party) taking the 2nd shift. Ericka and Mike, once again, did an amazing job at hosting.
Ericka has such a talent for baking. I always look forward to seeing her latest holiday creations...and of course, tasting them!!
Several of the couples from our Young Couples class decided to wear their favorite Christmas sweaters to the evening event. ;) I had to snap a quick picture of Jaime and it!
Great fellowship and laughter...

Lauren even painted her nails for the special event!! How cute is that?!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus...our fabulous host and hostess. Thank you Ericka and Mike! We had a wonderful time once again! What a gift y'all have for entertaining!!

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