Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Winter...

What was predicted at 4 inches this weekend turned into 10 1/2 by midnight that night. These photos were taken Sunday afternoon after about 4-5 inches had fallen. Minnesota welcomed its first large snowfall this season on Sunday, December 9. The boys have already enjoyed an impromptu sledding adventure by our home (that we took more time getting dressed and prepared for than we actually spent sledding!).

Hello Winter...we look forward to your beautiful blanket of snow over these next several months (your frigid temperatures...yeah, not so much.) I promise to savor the simplicity, the beauty and the moments of it all. Please be kind to us, Winter; for as much as we love what your season brings, we would appreciate you not staying quite too long. I would rather not see your beauty in mid-May. Thank you.
a born and raised Southerner

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