Friday, January 2, 2009

christmas memories

Happy New Year!!!
The holidays were fun this year as Clay & I watched Parker play in the evenings with his toys and tot around the apartment getting his hands on everything he could get his hands on. Because we were going out of town for Christmas, we let Parker open some gifts from family early. We were actually surprised at how well he did. He ripped off all of the paper himself and would actually peer into the boxes waiting to see what was going to be inside! It was so cute! In the last two pictures, he is in two of the pj's that were given to him to wear this year...they are 2 of mine and Clay's favorite!! The red is from Nana & Poppie in Vietnam and the green with Santas on it is from Rassie!

We had so much fun taking Parker to Disneyworld for Christmas! Parker & I flew in on Tuesday before Christmas and met up with Nana & Poppie & Ashleigh, Kaylee & Lacey. Clay was able to fly in that Friday and join us! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge; it was cozy and very nice! Parker's favorite ride was "It's a Small World"; we took him on it twice...he was mesmorized by the small people singing and dancing! He got to meet and take pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and several of the other characters! At first, he was a little scared, but after the second character he would start cracking up when he saw them and tap them on the nose! What a special Christmas this year with Parker!

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