Monday, January 12, 2009

growing up

First haircut, family picture at Parker's first birthday party, and Parker eating birthday cake...I can't believe how fast our precious little boy is growing! One whole year has gone by since he came home with us from the hospital!!! I am proud and thankful that I can honestly say that I have not let a single month pass without capturing pictures of everyday moments and special times with him. I may have neglected other things, but I have tried to live in the moment with Clay and Parker! Hmmm, speaking of fun moments, maybe I should do a recap of 2008 on here! Check back for that soon! :)

It's snowing big, fluffy snowflakes here today. So far, over 4 inches...and of course I'm wearing the wrong kind of shoes for this weather. Need to buy some new brown boots that are waterproof...I'm adding that to my "To Do" list now...

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