Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lovin' food and my fisher price toys!

Random but fun pictures!!! The messy food picture was taken on January 12...Parker enjoyed a big dinner that night! Because he ate so good we even gave him dessert! :)

Parker has been loving his FisherPrice Barn that Rassie gave him for his birthday! Loves playing with the little people...He now has the school bus, the airplane and the barn/farm. Clay and I love watching him pile all of the people into one of the buildings/vehicles! The school bus was the first one he received from his great-aunt Val and great-uncle Joe for Christmas; it was immediately one of his favorite toys! Then, for his birthday, he received the airplane from friends Cristie Martin and Tracy Hollstadt! How fun! We'll have to post more pics from playtimes soon!

It's really cold here, so we're staying in a lot! Lots of snow, negative degree temps, ice and overcast days! Looking forward to warmer weather soon! :)

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