Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy First Birthday!!!

What a special weekend! Parker's first haircut (and oh my goodness he looks so precious with his new little cut!), his first birthday party, and fun times spent with friends!

For his birthday on Saturday, we had a delicious cake from Byerly's, yummy cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and some fruit and dip. I had fun putting out the decorations! A tabletopper with all the gifts on the kitchen favorite was a picture of us in the middle from when Parker was born with a baby rattle and his baby cup. Also, a mini album that I had put together for him and his handprints that they had made for Clay and me at daycare as our Christmas gift from Parker! Greta and Ben came along to play with Parker along with some of mine and Clay's friends! We visited and had the kids do a project with their handprints...I can't talk too much about that yet, because I don't want to spoil the suprise for those of you who will be getting one in the mail soon! :) We then opened up some of the gifts and had cake and ice cream!

Parker was a little tired by the time we broke out the cake and didn't think he was going to like it, but as soon as daddy put some to his lips, he was hooked! :) Of course, after everyone left Parker crashed in daddy's arms! I had so much fun picking up and reminiscing over the afternoon!

That evening, Parker stayed with a friend of ours while Tressa, Tracy, Cristie and I went out to dinner at Kincaid's. (Tressa had flown in from Bermuda and Tracy drove in from Kansas City!) We had a delicious dinner with topped off with a lavendar cosmo! Yummy! Of course, the night is not complete until followed up with a game of Spades! Such fun getting to catch up with friends!

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