Thursday, January 15, 2009

new shoes

Several months ago when Parker started pulling up and walking around furniture, toys, etc. Clay & I decided it was time to get him some new shoes (it was actually in October)...let's be clear here...Parker is not walking everywhere on his own, but he goes 90 to nothing with some assistance whether that be from me, Clay, furniture, toys, walls or anything else he can find! We have polished his "Parker" shoes (yes, that really is the name of the Stride-rite brand of shoes he is wearing!) so many times! At one point, I could be found polishing those things every other night...recently, I have let them go more than I know how time can get away from you and such...

Well, for Parker's birthday, Grandmother & Granddaddy told us they wanted to buy him some new shoes! So, on Monday evening Clay & I took Parker to the Stride-rite store to buy some new shoes and guess what kind he got?! The "Nolens"!!! (yes, that really is the name of the brand we bought! Too funny huh?) We bought them a little big so that he will probably start wearing them around mid-February. They look so cute on him though!

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