Tuesday, February 16, 2010

an afternoon at the zoo

Yesterday morning, Parker decided to help his mama with some of the chores around the house. :) Did I mention he kept me quite busy?!

After an exceptionally short afternoon nap, I decided enough "work" had been done around the house. It was time to get out of the apartment for some fun. For Christmas, one of our family members gifted us a year's membership to the MN Zoo (thank you G & P!).

Because the zoo closes at 4pm in the winter, we quickly scooted out the door so that we could have enough time to visit each of the indoor exhibits. We both had such a great time!!! Parker ran around oohing & aahing over the different animals. Two of his favorite spots on the MN Trail were the ducks in the water & the lynx climbing around on its chilly & rocky environment. Parker always enjoys seeing the sharks & fish at Dolphin Bay. It was a joy to watch him run energy out happily, show such interest in the animals & fish, & behave so well the whole time we were there!

Here's to a wonderful afternoon at the zoo with my little man! So thankful for these special opportunities!

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