Thursday, February 25, 2010

inspiration & joy in the "little things"

Yesterday, Parker & I drove out to Minnetrista to pick up Bella for a "playday." First, we headed out to the MN Zoo where the kids were free to roam & ooh & aah together over all the animals. I felt such joy as I watched was the perfect place for them to have just enough freedom to "be big" & go at their own pace through each of the exhibits. I never could get these two to sit or stand still long enough to get a good "posed" picture of both of them together, but here are a few fun ones captured in the moment. We made it throughout the whole zoo time with only 2 boo boo's -one for each of them- and they were only minor! Success!!! One of their favorite play areas was at the aquarium exhibit. Parker & Bella would run up & down the slope leading to the massive tank squealing & pointing to the colorful fish as they ran by. I think we spent at least 1/6 of our entire time at the zoo at this one place!

It was so cold outside yesterday (19 degrees...the wind chill made it a lot colder though...hence, their pink cheeks in the turtle picture below!)

Parker loved to stick his little hand in the coyote's mouth & squeal...this must be a boy thing! ha!

After the zoo, we drove back home for lunch & "rest time." I honestly didn't think the kids were going to nap, so I suggested we put on a movie for a little bit. They chose the classic Disney Chip n Dale movie/episodes. Bella was holding "greeny baby" & Parker held his Mickey Mouse. Bella liked Mickey Mouse & wanted to cuddle him too. Not even 2 minutes into the first episode, Parker got up from his little red chair, walked across the room to Bella & handed her Mickey. (Proud mama moment!) Bella then walked over to Parker & handed him her "greeny baby." So sweet. Parker didn't need greeny baby though, so he walked back over to the couch & handed over greeny baby to the owner. She smiled. By the third episode in the movie, Bella had laid down (holding both stuffed animals) & passed out on the couch. A few minutes later, I picked up Parker & rocked him to sleep as well. It was a glorious hour of silence. :)

While the babes were sleeping, I piddled in the kitchen getting dinner ready for some friends. Shortly after the naps (& a little playtime!), we left for Shakopee to deliver the supper & then drove on to Minnetrista to drop Bella off. I also got to hold sweet Brady (Bella's new little brother!) for a few minutes. That was my favorite part of the drop off!!!

It was a late night for us, but well worth each minute of it. Tired this morning, but totally rejuvenated by these two things: adorning our kitchen table with spring fixin's (including these beautiful flowers my hubby surprised me with last Sunday!) & my latest Beth Moore Bible Study, Living Beyond Yourself. Thanks to my Sis in-law & my hubby, who at Christmastime decided this would be a perfect at home study for me, I will be relishing this material over the next 10 weeks!!!

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Jami said...

You are a brave gal to take two 2 yr olds to the zoo, but you're right that's probably a great place for them to roam with some freedom!! Love the sharing of the toys - how sweet!