Monday, February 8, 2010

trains, marbles, pizza & more!!!

It's snowing outside my know, the big, fluffy kind...I love it. The streets, buildings, signs...everything is blanketed in white. I would love to try & get some cool pictures to share with ya'll later today.

This morning while I was changing Parker's diaper he wanted to hold one of his mini airplanes. While he was lying there, he started making "Vroom, Vroom" sounds. Next, he said, "Vroom Vroom Daddy."
Mama: "Does Daddy fly airplanes, Parker."
Parker: "Yep."
Parker: a bunch of jibberish I couldn't quite make out then..."Nana." "Vroom Vroom....more jibberish..."Waadee" (for Rassie)...."vroom" with some exaggerated flight motions "a Poppie."

Parker was telling me all the people he wanted to fly to see today...I thought it was so cute that he called out each of the grandparents' names!

I wanted to share our Saturday morning outing to St. Paul with ya'll. A friend of mine had invited us to join them for a toddler adventure to Choo Choo Bob's Train Store, a fantasy land for train lovers of all ages. They were having storytime & music time for the children; the store probably had 50+ children in there at one point while there. There were two birthday parties going on back in the Birthday Junction, toddlers & young school age children playing around the 6 Thomas the Train Display tables, & kids sitting & listening to the exciting train stories & songs up front with Engineer Paul (Parker kept wanting to climb up on the train display tables up front & play with the miniature characters & trains!).
The store itself is filled with any kind of train toy, train book, train game, & collector trains imaginable for kids, adults, and collectors. Choo Choo Bob's even has its own tv show & dvd collections for kids!
It's a really neat place...I would recommend checking it out if you live near the St. Paul area!
Parker & Greta playing at one of the train stations.
After playing awhile at Choo Choo Bob's, we left for Wonderment, a toy & craft store in St. Paul that consists of natural toys & creative pastimes for children & their families. Along with the store itself, they offer art/craft classes for children of all ages starting at 2 1/2 & up to adults. The marble runs caught Parker & Clay's attention & held it until time to leave for lunch! :)
We enjoyed lunch at this fabulous little place called D'Amico & Sons on Grand St. in St Paul. For my meal I chose a Roast Turkey sandwich with Avocado. Parker & Clay decided on wood-fired neapolitan pepperoni pizzas...they were delish! I liked my choice of sandwich, but I must say those pizzas are to die for!!!! Parker even shared a little of his with his mama; wasn't that sweet! ;)

Parker loved driving down the big, hill on Grand as we headed back home; it always grants you a beautiful view of St. Paul. The picture doesn't do justice (& we were about halfway down the hill), but it's fun to take a ride down it every now & then just for the view.

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