Thursday, February 11, 2010

one wintry day

Monday was a big snow day for us here. Clay, Parker & I decided to take off early in the morning & have some fun in the "white stuff."
It is exciting to see the changes in our little man as time passes. At the first of the season, Parker was timid of snow; now you can hear him calling, "More, More!" before he even reaches the bottom of the hill on his little sled!
I love how he is willing to try new things...with mama & daddy's help of course! :)
Did I mention Clay is ready (ahem, for the last couple of months, he has only mentioned it every other time we have walked outside) to get him on the ski slopes?

P.S. This morning I asked Parker what he wanted to wear to school...he pulled his lime green & red Santa shirt out first, followed by his green froggy rain pants I might add! ha! No, he did not get to wear those to school today. I would have let him put them on & then taken a picture, but I was afraid I would never get them off! ha ha!


A. said...

So very fun!! Where are his sunnies though... We need to protect those precious eyes!! Love

carrie said...

Yeah, Parker & me both! ha! We realized after getting out there that both of our sunnies had gotten left in my car!