Sunday, February 14, 2010

pink showers, frosty snow, family treats, & growing up!

Yesterday, a few girls from our Sunday School class threw a baby shower for Kelli, who is expecting her first baby next month! It was so much fun sprinkling pink into the apartment...obviously, we see a lot of blue around here! :)

Decorations were simple I made pink & green tissue paper pom poms to hang, as I did for Parker's birthday party. The cake was FABULOUS...for refreshments, guests enjoyed a fruit tray of strawberries & grapes, marinated cheese (a recipe a girlfriend of mine recommended from Southern is so yummy I can hardly stand it!), pink & white peanut butter mm's, and a raspberry sherbet punch.

Kelli received many fun gifts to help prepare the nursery for their "little peanut" that is due to arrive in a few weeks. We played two games: "Guess how big her tummy is!" with string & Baby word scramble! There were several other "prego" moms there & one girl who just had a baby a few weeks ago! Baby talk was filling the air!!! :) Thanks to my sweet hubby & Brent for taking Parker out on a guy's adventure while we girls had our party!

This is what it has been looking like around here...lots of snow & ice! I have to say that the sights have been beautiful...if it wasn't so cold it would be a true winter wonderland! In the mornings, the branches are covered in frosty snow.

It was a fun surprise when this landed on our doorstep last week! Not only did I have fun putting all the juicy steaks & meats away in our freezer, but the dry ice experiment in the sink entertained Parker on & off for about a half an hour!
Clay & I are blessed to have such wonderful family that loves to spoil us so! I hope this is not taken as bragging when I write about this; I am just truly thankful for our family & appreciate everything they do for us. They are so good to send us treats such as this & others such as restaurant gift cards, new books for Parker, clothes for the upcoming season & the growing boy...THANK YOU to our family who loves us the way you do!!! We love each of you too!

A couple of weeks ago, Parker "moved up" to the Toddler Two's room at Kindercare. Several days ago, when I went to go pick him up, I peeked in the door to see time. Before I ran to grab my camera out of the car, the first thing I saw was Parker sitting like a big boy cross-legged on the floor with his sweet little hands folded in his lap. (Yes, I got choked up!) When I came back, camera-in-arms, I still was able to capture a sweet picture of the boys enjoying storytime. (The class is broken up into 2 sections because it is so large. There are lots of girls too, but for some reason on this special day, group time consisted of all boys.)
I love these little peeks into his world!
Fun but rough week ended:
Last week, Clay was gone all but Monday & Saturday (remember that the week and a half prior Clay didn't see Parker at all because we were in MS & he was flying). Let's just say that by Thursday Parker was done with mommy & mommy was all but done with Parker. :)
As much as I thrive (most of the time) on our fast-paced & crazy schedule, I am really looking forward to our days slowing down here in the next couple of weeks. I will also be thankful when Parker's sleep time gets back on a regular routine (a few weeks ago he started waking up at 5am & then again at 5:30 every morning...previously he had begun sleeping in till 7am...Hallelujah! Can we please go back to that...I'll take 6:30!!) An extra hour of sleep makes such a difference for me in the morning!!
Parker & I stay busy even when our feet are planted on MN ground, but busy in a different way. Busy doing whatever we feel like doing on those mornings...going to the zoo & the children's museum, walking at the mall on super chilly days, taking home-cooked meals to & visiting with our friends who have recently received a new addition to their family...
I am also anxious to get in some much needed therapy (ahem), I mean scrapbooking time. ;) It has been a little while! Thank goodness for this blog! :)
I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! I'll post soon on our adventures for the "love day!"

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