Monday, February 15, 2010

our Valentine's Day together

I wish I could say that I did something fun & crafty in preparation for Valentine's Day with Parker this year; but alas, I didn't even think about it (well, I did, but then I opted to not do anything for it!) As a matter of fact, our Valentine's gifts to each other are still wrapped in the storage room. (gasp!) :) We're celebrating Vday gifts this weekend when we get back from Texas. Last week was a busy week.

We did, however, have a funfilled day with friends. First, we went to church, where Clay & I did our Couples Spotlight presentation. It was fun putting the Powerpoint presentation together & gathering pictures from when we were first dating & engaged. After Sunday School, Clay went in the church service while I had the nursery. We then met with 3 other couples after church for lunch at D. Brian's in Eden Prairie. Kristen & Craig live fairly close to Eden Prairie & had invited us over for some sledding time over at a park by their house after lunch, so onward we went! Parker had a blast going down the hill with everyone & even went once by himself (this was a pretty big hill so I was impressed!)

Kristen & Parker taking a turn down the hill!

Craig taking Parker for a round!

Cute prego Kelli & Brent! Kelli obviously just watched in on the was a good thing she did though...after about 45 min of being out there, Brent got daring & went down "the jumps" & didn't land so well. I'm pretty sure he's ok now, but yeah, it took him a while to get up & make the walk up the hill. He was going to the chiropracter today. Hope you feel better soon, Brent!

After Brent moaned & groaned on the ground for more than a few minutes, Clay & Craig realized he wasn't joking & ran down to check on him. Poor Brent....and Kelli! Kelli was standing at the top of the hill just shaking her head. :)

Parker took a nap on the way home & for a little bit into the early evening. Clay ran to check a movie out for me (Time Traveler's Wife) & then went with Mike, a friend from our Sunday School class to see the U of M Golden Gophers vs Iowa in a wrestling match. Iowa clobbered MN so the guys were a little disappointed but had a good time. I enjoyed relaxing on the couch after Parker was asleep & watching a girlie movie. I really like Rachel McAdams, so I wanted to see it. I cried. It was good; not one I would own though. I bet I would've liked the book better actually.

(It is 5:48 pm. I put on Parker's Classic Chip n Dale Disney movie that he got for Christmas, so that I could get this blog done...I am loving listening to his little laughs when the characters do something funny. He has run in here twice already to tell me something or wanting something, but runs back in the living room when he hears something interesting happening!)

We got back a little over an hour ago from the MN Zoo. I took some fun pictures & will share about our afternoon adventure there tomorrow! :0 Stay warm this evening! I hear MS is getting snow! I know my friends & family are saying Whoohoo!!! ;)

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