Friday, December 9, 2011

Decking the Halls

The weekend after Thanksgiving we started Decking our Halls with all things Christmas and Winter!

One of the first things we did was put Parker's little Christmas tree up in his room. I was so excited to get a couple of these this year for our boys' rooms! This is a tradition I have been looking forward to passing on for some time now. Every year growing up, my brother and I had one of these in our rooms; my bedroom became enchanted every single night as soon as the lights went off and my little Christmas tree lights came on. (My tree actually didn't have lights, but I had a flashlight that I would turn on for my little magical world to come to life.) I do hope that my boys will let their imagination soar and in the years to come will look back on these little Christmas trees and find that these were another treasured memory that helped to make their Christmases even more special and magical.
Parker took his job of decorating his tree very seriously.
I had opted not to use the hooks this year because of our sweet child who likes to put everything in his mouth. ;)

I thought Parker was hanging the decorations on the branches with the little loop in the ornament, but after taking a closer look (and after seeing a number of ornaments fall to the ground a few minutes after he hung them) I realized that all the ornaments were going on the lights. I roared with laughter; that would explain the very serious expression in all 30 something pictures I took where he is concentrating to get his ornament on just right!

Quick view of one of my kitchen countertops...

Parker rocking in his chair and sipping hot chocolate while Clay and I start putting up the tree.

A little nook in the play area sprinkled with a few new Christmas books and trinkets...

Rassie sent the boys the Fisher Price Nativity Set to help them decorate and get ready for Christmas and they absolutely love it. Hours have already been spent on the floor playing with Baby Jesus, the Wise Men and the Angel. Their favorite part: When Baby Jesus lights up and it plays Away in a Manger"

A favorite Christmas item for kids: Fisher Price Nativity Set

Little basket filled with children's Christmas books...

Of course, our little elf friend who likes to be sneaky and hide in places he is not supposed to be...

and a little winter green for our porch. end with this sweet, precious angel (who was being a little naughty in this picture and taking all my ornaments of the tree!)

There is a reason they call this the most wonderful time of the year! Amidst the chaotic events and days that lead up to Christmas, it is such a perfect time to thank God for the birth of our wonderful Saviour. The warmth, memories and special moments that Christmas brings is one that you remember for a lifetime. I am looking forward to sharing sweet memories and passing on traditions to my little men just as my parents did for me.

Now, it is off to bed for me as I believe the last batch of my gingerbread cookies have cooled and are ready to be stored away for the evening. Tomorrow will be a busy day around here. Decorating 120 Gingerbread Men, a birthday party for the boys to go to, finishing last minute cleaning around the house before our Sunday School Class comes over for our 3rd Annual Cookie Swap, baking 24 loaves of pumpkin bread and strawberry loaf...and well, I'm just going to stop there because that's about all I will fit into one day.
(Still need to order Christmas Cards and start wrapping presents--please tell me I'm not the only one out there!)

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