Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wrapping up Fall and moving into Winter...

Obviously, we are no longer in Fall and have transitioned into Winter 2011. I'm personally thankful we made it as long as we did prior to the first snowfall. Now, don't get me wrong. I am ready to embrace Winter and all it has to offer; however, admittedly I was quite content to hold on to the nice, cool weather and dry ground for as long as we could. :)

A few things I failed to post last month that were worth mentioning:

Baking breads for our neighbors and then venturing out in the snow to deliver; Parker was so excited to carry the little brown basket and hand the treats out to each person

My littlest Turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

Parker and me baking our traditional Chex Mix.
(We've been in the kitchen a lot lately...tis the season to bake!)

Clay jumped in on the baking fiesta!

Winter is coming!

We had some big happenings this Fall with our sweet Cooper. Not only did he have his first birthday but we also celebrated his Baby Dedication. It was such a special day for us. Thanks to each of our friends who came to support us and, to our family, we missed you each dearly but appreciate you thinking of us on that memorable day.
The Lord has blessed us so very much!

And now, moving on to all things Winter...

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