Thursday, December 15, 2011

visiting Santa: Macy's Santaland "A Day in the Life of an Elf"

Since moving to Minnesota, I have wanted to visit the downtown Macy's at Christmastime to see Santa. After attending the 2011 Macy's Santaland I do not know if we will miss a year going forward. North Pole, here we come!

The night before going to see Santa downtown, Parker wrote out his wish list...he was also kind enough to write out a few things for Cooper too. :)
(quite enthusiastically I might add...)
I was a little nervous when all but one item on his list was completely different than anything he had mentioned ever before. Looks like Santa will be working late in his toy shop this year.

The 2011 theme that Macy chose was "A Day in the Life of an Elf." As soon as one stepped into the magical tale, you learned the story of the young elves and all that happens at the North Pole as they prepare for Christmas.

Once we stepped into Santa's Workshop we looked on to see: "Elfin Sleeping Quarters," "The Laun-tree," "Santa Claus Square" and other magical North Pole wonders...

the "Reindeer Stable"

"Elfin Classroom" including Sleigh Routes and Toys 101

"Elfin Dining Hall"

"Santa's Workshop: Once your letter's received, elves know just what to do!"

"North Pole-Stal Station: the daily mail is quite a sight!"

"Reindeer Flight School"

"Christmas Tree Forest: At the Do-Re-Tree Songfest, the music's a wow! After each concert, the trees take a 'bough'"
Parker was running so fast from one enchanted room to the other that we had to keep calling him back to us. Both boys had huge smiles on their faces throughout the exhibits. That was my favorite memory of all.

After seeing the elves at work at the North Pole, we were able to squeeze back into a special room to sit with Santa. Cooper surprised me by not crying when he sat on Santa's lap, but instead acted quite intrigued by the whole experience. (Although by the end of the 5 minute period, his little lips threatened to quiver a bit.)

Parker, on the other hand, was nothing but excited to see Santa this year (unlike years in the past). When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and handed him a special pin for his shirt, our little boy beamed.

After visiting with Santa, we headed over to the big man's special mailbox where we dropped in a letter with our Christmas requests.

Whenever we visit downtown, Parker likes to take out running through the skyways like he owns the place...brownie points for the 3 year old who was willing to stop and let his mama take a picture of him.

We wrapped up our morning out with a lunch downtown. On the way, Parker stopped to listen to a band playing Christmas music.

Santa, we look forward to your visit so very soon! Thanks for letting us come visit with you today and good luck with your last minute toy making!

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