Monday, June 8, 2009

bermuda memories

Here are some more of my favorite memories & pictures from the trip to Bermuda! I can't wait to scrapbook all of the memorabilia in our "Travel" book that Tressa gave us all! (I only had half of one suitcase filled with postcards, vintage stamps, Bermuda brochures & tourist info on the way home) :)
Welcome to Bermuda - sign at airport

Second attempt to land in Bermuda on Thursday...rain + fog + wind = multiple landing attempts

One hour later...driving to Tressa's house...all sun! (While we were there, it did not rain during the day again!)

Speed limit on the island...the island itself is only 22 square miles, but because of the narrow roads, traffic & slow speed limits, it can take hours to get from one side to the other.
Yummy Hagan Daas Ice cream at the dockyard...I actually got chocolate, but Cristie's looked prettier! :)
Watching Rum Cakes being made
Shops at the mall at the Dockyard
This man stands outside the entrance of the Glassworks & Rum Cake shop & wishes people well as he sings some relaxing island songs.
Me standing on Somerset Bridge - thought to be the world's smallest drawbridge
It is opened by hand to allow passage of a sailboat's mast. This famous bridge is featured on their $20 bill.

Yep, that would be my feet covering the entire bridge.
Kyle & Tressa's sweet boys: Drew & Sam

Loved this picture of Sam taken at our cookout at Tressa & Kyle's
An example of what the houses look like on the island; they use bright, cheerful colors for their paint choices!

Carrie, Cristie, Tressa & Tracy at Henry VIII on Friday night. We had so much fun here! The dinner was "in celebration of mine & Cristie's birthdays." When we sat down at our reserved table right across from the piano & saw the "scrolled" menus I knew I was going to like this place. This was by far my favorite dinner while in Bermuda; I ordered Rock Fish (an island favorite) with veggies & pototoes. For dessert, I had strawberries & scrumptious. The piano man liked the "Minnesota Girls"...I think it was because we requested so many songs & later in the evening Cristie sang karaoke with him. He had an amazing voice though; I could have gone back every night & heard him sing "Everything" by Michael Buble. :)
A view from one spot at the top of Gibbs Lighthouse; I was backed up against the wall for most of these shots. I gladly handed the camera to Tracy so she could take these!

Tressa & Kyle's house (the big one with the pool in the backyard)

Info about Gibbs Lighthouse: "...Gibbs Hill commands a spectacular view to the North over Hamilton Harbour & over the relatively safe southern approach to the island. Nearby, 15 miles of trecherous coral reefs stretch westward."

"Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, in its day state of the art, was the second of its kind ever built in the world. Its erection in 1846 finally provided safe passage through the reefs for ships traveling along the trade route between the old & new world."

We had a great lunch at the lighthouse prior to climbing to the top!

These are pictures from the beach on Saturday of my favorite outings of the week! Horseshoe Bend was beautiful with crystal clear water, gorgeous beaches & many rocky overlooks!

The sand is actually not like the Florida sand; it's actually made up of broken seashells so it's very fine & pure looking. Downside...good luck getting it off of anything it touches!!

I climbed to the top of this cliff to get a better view of the beach & surrounding area

Carrie & Cristie on the Rockaway ferry

Cristie & I decided on Monday to walk the downtown Bermuda area, do a little shopping & then ride the ferry over to the other side of the island where Tressa would pick us up.

Shot of the downtown walk area - the dock & boats were on the water to our right
Loved the feel of the small downtown shops with the locals; very clean & also very small-town feeling!

Front street - popular street in the downtown area

Carrie & Cristie riding Bermuda public transportation...of course I had to get a picture of it! ha ha! The buses were actually quite nice!

So, we went toad hunting the last night we were there...actually we were in search of the Bermuda tree frogs...they are these tiny little slimy things that make so much noise you would think a giant toad the size of your brother's basketball is going to jump out & croak in your face! I was delighted when we finally found one! Click on the picture for a close-up; it's towards the middle of the picture!!!

bermuda memories: walking the 143 stairs to the top of Gibbs lighthouse, standing with my back pressed firmly to the wall of the lighthouse with my palms sweating while praying I wouldn't be knocked off the edge if a big gust of wind drove by, dinner at Henry VIII, Horseshoe Bend Beach on Saturday, touring downtown Bermuda with Cristie, riding the ferry, the humidity, Spades & Shanghai every day with the girls, Lavendar Cosmos (yummy!), missing my baby & my hubby each moment of every day, walking at the Dockyard & visiting the shops, watching the boats & cruisers come in & sail out, Hagan Daas ice cream, friendship bracelet, the gorgeous bright flowers, large toads, Tracy's humor, finding the tiny Bermuda Tree Frog on our last night & actually getting a good picture of it, toad hunting in the late hours, midnight swim in Tressa's pool, watching the lighthouse come on...looked like sparkling diamonds for the first 15 minutes, trying Bermuda rum cake, seeing Tressa & Kyle's everyday life in Bermuda, standing on the world's smallest drawbridge, reading 3/4 of a book on the airplane, seeing Kyle's office building downtown, & just having good-ole visiting time with my girlfriends!!! Thank you girls for a wonderful time! I can't wait for our next visit together!

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