Wednesday, June 10, 2009

playtime at Rassie's

Parker had so much fun playing at Rassie's while mama was in Bermuda! Though I missed him terribly the whole time I was gone, I knew he was in good hands!

Fun things to remember about Parker's trip to MS:
Firsts: watermelon (thank you Mama Sam & Shorty!), black olives & turnip greens

I was amazed when Parker could point to all of the objects & animals on the back of the Little Golden books...he didn't miss a one! He now has started pointing to objects in his other books like butterfly, squirrels, boats, etc. And, when you show him family pictures (even distant relatives) he can almost always pick out everyone in the photo. He didn't really do this before he left for MS but all of a sudden, it's like he can point to almost anything you ask him to point to! It's really cute to see how excited he gets over the littlest things!

Rassie also taught him how to fold his hands for the blessing; so presh!

This album was wrapped & waiting for me when they picked me up from the airport.

Rassie had stayed up late every night putting this scrapbook together so that I would have pictures & memorabilia of his "first trip away from mama & daddy!" It is such a treasure & is now propped on one of Parker's shelves in his room. He likes to get it down & look at it often.

Thank you mama for the perfect gift! I love it! (And Parker loves it too!) :) I know he's already looking forward to his next MS trip to visit some of the grandparents & great-grandparents, great-aunts, uncles, etc. etc. etc. :)

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