Monday, June 29, 2009

short naps + harder playtime= happy boy ready for bedtime!

Ok, I will admit... I was a little worried when Parker was woken up from his afternoon nap today after only 20 minutes (yes, he is now taking an afternoon nap every day....this being the same little boy who for almost the whole first year of his existence would not nap...and when he did it was for a total of 30 minutes per day!!!)

I just knew we were doomed for sour attitudes & exhausting times for the rest of the day. What did I know?! Apparantly, it was all parker needed because he was perfect as a pea for the whole afternoon! I must give credit where credit is due though...i'm sure this was in part because of a visit from a girlfriend...Parker did his own thing while at the same time, showing out for us! And after that it was off to the park for a playdate with Greta & Jami! Fresh air is so good for the soul! :)

Don't let the pictures fool you though; it took like 50 shots just to get a few of them together!!! Once we would get them in the same place, by the time we would bend down to take the picture, one of them would be off starting up a slide or running to play in the waterpark!! Let me tell you, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on these two!!!

Carrie, Parker, Greta, & Jami

Love this picture of the two of them trying to hug!!! Too cute!

They had such fun going down the slides!!! Thanks for a good time at the park Jami & Greta!!! We'll have to do it again soon!
(Note for was the first day Parker went down the slides on his own without us helping him sit down or push him to get him started..he had gone down some by himself with us helping him to the slide & catching him at the bottom, but he did the whole sha-bang on his own today...& of course I was a nervous wreck watching actually started by him going through the playground equipment so fast that I couldn't catch him & then all of a sudden he has sat himself down & is going down the slide!!! Now to all of our loving family out not worry, this was a little slide. I was truthfully watching over him & following him everywhere I went. The little stinker is just getting a little too quick for his own good.
Note to self: pump up the aerobic classes a bit!

After coming in to dinner & a bath, the little munchkin was tuckered out & ready for bed. Aaahhh...time for mama to sit it sad that my legs & feet hurt from 1 hour & 15 minutes of play at the park?!?! Please tell me it isn't so! Clay baby, I nominate you for the next park visit! :)

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