Tuesday, June 9, 2009

birthday cake & crosses!

Had a fun birthday on Saturday! My mom drove Parker & me to the airport to head back to MN. Parker got so much enjoyment watching our airplane from the window & waving at the people outside! Saturday night, Clay surprised me with a yummy cookies & cream birthday cake. It was sooo good that as of last night I'm sorry to say it's all gone! :) Hey, you only get a birthday cake once a year though, right?

I have to admit, this year, I wasn't too thrilled about turning a year older :)
You know what kinda got me excited about it though?! (Some of you are about to either think I'm pathetic or crazy!) ...when I opened up my inbox & saw like 15 emails from places like Red Lobster, Cold Stone Creamery & Wendy's that were either giving me some free stuff or sending a monster coupon! THAT got me excited! ha ha! If you don't have you & your family members registered on your favorite places' websites you are missing out! Seriously though, you can get some great deals by doing that!

Ok, enough about the birthday deals! I was ecstatic to open up 2 packages that held crosses in them! Thank you Fair & Mama! The ones on the left & the right are new (the picture doesn't capture the true colors & such..sorry!); the large cross in the middle was a wedding gift & I have been wanting to add to it & start a collection ever since! I just think they are so pretty! Each time we sit down to eat dinner at the table, Parker just points at them & starts telling us all about them! Clay & I are both amused by it!

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