Friday, June 26, 2009

summer 2008 memories

As I was going through pictures while scrapbooking today, I came across some of my favorites that highlighted some of our activities from last summer: hiking to Minnehaha Falls & sitting out over the MS River on Memorial Day Weekend, grilling out on the 4th of July with family, relaxing on blankets outside on the lush grass, a memorable trip with Clay's sisters to Duluth, MN, Parker's baby dedication, trips to MS to visit friends & family, sunny days at the pool, outings to nearby lakes & beaches, & just sunny days in general.

Since living in MN, I have learned to appreciate the warm, sunny days so much more! So far this summer, we have been on several fun, unforgettable trips. While those are things that we always look forward to, I'm also excited about the simple, lazy summer days outside at the pool, hikes to new places, & basically just being a tourist of this state while enjoying new sights & adventures.

This summer, one of my hopes & goals for our family is to visit some of the State Parks. What are some fun things you plan to do with your family over the next couple of months?


valerie said...
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valerie said...

Made a typo on the first comment and wanted to redo it:

We have had some REAL WARM days lately that you might not actually appreciate after all!! It got up to 100+ today!!!!! Hate hot weather. Love your blog though!! : )