Tuesday, June 30, 2009

snapshots & blessings of today

Have I mentioned how much I miss my camera? I'm so thankful that Clay has his for us to use...I just need to get in the habit of grabbing it before I walk out the door. I left it at home for 3/4 of our day before I remembered to pick it up. I did manage to snap some cute ones of Parker playing late this afternoon though!!!

Totally in the moment!
These are the two books I'm reading this week! Love the cute illustrations & creative ideas in the first & the awesome tried & true practices with invaluable information in the second.

I said this tonight as I laid Parker down to sleep:
"Our family will never be the same,
because a special someone came.
We thank God every morning,
and we thank him every night,
when we kiss your precious head
and put you sleeping into bed."

Love the sweet sayings & blessings in this book; I pick it up frequently!!

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