Friday, April 10, 2009

15 months today & a review!

These are some fun pictures from the past week...

Parker has spent many days crawling in & out, in & out...he loves going out on the balcony & watching the cars, people & dogs go by! He enjoys waving to them & saying hi!

"Look at my trick mommy!"

Parker chasing after the basketball...

Daddy was so proud! :)

Clay told me that in these books were all the airports he flies to & their That's a lot of memorization babe...good luck!

Random Parker things at 14 months:

-He started walking a LOT more than crawling!
-Words he is saying: Hi, Mama, Daddy, Woof
-When you ask him where his nose is...he will point to it & then to yours! So cute!

-He points to 3 main places in the house right now & says "Ugh??" (meaning "please may we go/have?"a. points to the windows & balcony when he wants to go outside (usually at 6 in the morning and throughout the rest of the day!)
b. points to the kitchen meaning he wants milk
c. when he is sitting in his highchair he will point to the kitchen table (where the grapes usually are!) meaning he wants grapes

-He has had ear infections again this that is new! ha ha! Getting tubes can't come fast enough!!!

-Loves to climb in your lap & be read to!

-Enjoying visiting parks & running errands on pretty days

-Is good at playing ball (rolling it back & forth to between you & him & also picking it up & dunkin it in his little goal!)

I can't believe how much Parker is resembling a little BOY!!! It's fun & sad all at the same time! I'm taking pictures every day but I still feel as if I'm not capturing everything; I don't want to miss a thing! I just need him to put a hold on growing for just a little bit... :)

One year ago today...

Happy 15 Month Birthday, Parker!

And we hope everyone has a Good Friday!

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