Thursday, April 16, 2009

cheerios, rocks, uh-oh's & other random things!

Parker has discovered how he can get to his Cheerios when he needs a snack. The other morning he was so cute reaching his little hand in the bag & grabbing a big handful, stuffing it all in his mouth. Then when he was done he would fold up the bag & attempt to put it back in the Cheerios box for mama. What a little sweetheart!

Should've known this was coming....

What a stinker :)

Warning: Carrie got a little excited over the fact that it was warm enough outside for shorts & short sleeves so she took quite a few pictures of the beautiful outing at the park.
Our 37 minutes at the park...can you tell how much fun we had?! It was a gorgeous day, warm enough for short sleeve & shorts (yes!!!!), & Parker got to play in the grass & with ROCKS!!!! Believe it or not, this was his first experience with rocks. There must be some sort of in-born nature that all little boys have because he did exactly what I thought he would with them.

1. stared at them with this curious look on his face like it was the neatest thing next to his Cheerios.
2. picked them up, dropped them & watched them fall to the ground
3. spread them around all over his little space as fast as he could
4. started putting some in his mouth (to which I then screamed & brushed them out as fast as I could for fear of him swallowing one)

5. After he had played enough with the pebbles, it was time to move on to the bigger ones....

Parker funnies:
Yesterday, Parker started saying "Uh-oh" over & over & over just out of the blue. Not "Uh-Uh" but "UH-OH"; it is the cutest thing ever. Clay & I are cracking up over this!
So, today Parker is crawling around in the closet in his side of which consists of mama's stuff...& he starts one by one taking things off of the shelf (mostly mama's things), dropping them on the floor & saying "uh-oh". I think he was making a game out of it because 6 minutes later I see a pile-up on the floor & he is still going strong. :)

Random things this week: (Sorry guys, I have to record this or I won't remember it when I finally have time to scrap about it!)
Parker LOVED taco night tonight!!!! He is walking everywhere & is quite a fast little thing! Still going out on the balcony all throughout the day...this whole week we've actually just been leaving the door open so he can go out when he pleases. Took a ONE HOUR nap on Monday! Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!! That's the longest nap he has taken in I don't know how long! I laid him on the couch after rocking him just until he got drowsy & he conked out on that red sofa! He woke up happy too (just like at daycare) because he doesn't feel trapped in a crib when he wakes up I guess! I went through his closet/clothes, bibs & other baby things today & it made me sad. I have 2 garbage bags full of stuff to take down to storage that he has either outgrown & can't use's most of the BABY stuff! I feel like we hardly have an BABY things left! Anyone want to console me with words of wisdom or random thoughts!! :)

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