Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random today things & lawn party sandwiches!

I ironed 10 things took me almost an hour & a half...I told Clay I was now done for the year! :)

A couple of bananas were too ripe to eat, so I pulled out the mixer & whipped up some yummy banana nut bread...which I can't wait to dig into tomorrow a.m.

Kitchen cabinets, tv stand & mama's closet...Parker's 3 favorite places today :)

Clay & I went & worked out today...we both have to get in bathing suit form...yikes!!! We need like 12 more weeks to work with here!

It was cloudy & rainy all day here today...oh mr. sunshine, please come out to play tomorrow!

Yesterday, Clay, Parker & I enjoyed a fun afternoon out at the park. We packed a picnic lunch (I was thrilled to get to pull out my picnic basket for the first time this year!), went to a nearby park & soaked up the warm sunshine & all of nature's goodness! Beautiful skies, birds chirping, kids fishing in the lake, children playing on the playground, families strolling on the know God was smiling down at this picture!

Parker enjoying his "Lawn Party Sandwich."

PICNIC (PIK 'NIK), N. 1. A pleasant or amusing exursion, typically one in which food is eaten in the open air. 2. (Informal) An enjoyable experience, time, task, etc., a time free of ordinary cares or responsibilities...

Parker showing off his pinecone.

For the picnic, I decided to make "Lawn Party Sandwiches." You can find this recipe in other cookbooks I know, but I got mine from this cookbook below that can be found here. This is not a cookbook I use regularly during the week, but it's one I pull out every so often just for fun times like these or when we have guests come to stay. There are some great recipes & I love the pretty pictures in the book as well!

"Lawn Party Sandwiches"
can be found under the chapter A Tisket, A Tasket
1 cup margarine
1 medium onion, minced
1/4 c poppy seeds
1 Tbs prepared mustard
3 (24 count) packages party rolls
1 pound ham, shaved
12 oz swiss cheese, thinly sliced
Heat the margarine in microwave until melted. Stir in onion, poppy seeds & mustard. Cover & chill for 8-10 hrs. Remove poppy seed mixture from refrigerator 1 hr before needed to prepare recipe. Split each package of rolls horizontally with a serrated knife into 2 layers, leaving the bottom layer in the pan. Spread the cut sides of the rolls with poppy seed mixture. Layer ham & cheese on bottom layer of rolls. Top with the remaining roll layer.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15 min.
Makes 6 dozen sandwiches.
*Note: obviously for this outing I didn't need 6 dozen sandwiches, so I cut everything by 1/6. One package of rolls, etc. One of my girlfriends asked what kind of rolls I used...they weren't the frozen kind...that's all I know now, but I'll check at Target & let you know the brand.


valerie said...

What a fun day! Send me the banana nut bread recipe that you use - I don't think I have one that has been tested by anybody that I know.

carrie said...

I sent you an email with the recipe instructions for the banana nut bread; I got it from Bell's Best cookbook on pg 72...2nd one down! enjoy!