Sunday, April 26, 2009

pics from our weekend in Memphis!

Walking with Ashley to see the ducks at the neighborhood pond.

Enjoying some ice cream at Baskin Robbins...notice the boo-boo on the chin & under the nose...Parker fell on the concrete earlier in the day & bit his lip hard...he has the battle scars to prove it!

Will, Clay, Dan, Jason & Justin hanging out at Benihana's

Eating out at Benihana's...yum! It was way past Parker's bedtime but he did sooo good at the restaurant!
Clay taking Parker to a nearby park for a few minutes!
Big Bubbles!
Ashley showing Parker how to use the bubble blower!

Samson & Parker....They followed each other around everywhere throughout the weekend. I think by the end of the weekend though Parker was chasing Samson more...poor cat! :)

Jason grilling out...yum!

Delicious chicken & pineapple dinner! Thanks Jason!
We had another fun weekend in Memphis getting to see some friends! And it was beautiful warm weather the whole time we were there! Thanks for letting us stay with you Jason & Ashley! We had a great time!

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AshleyMarie said...

The pictures are so cute! We had so much fun having ya'll down!