Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happiness at the park & other randomness

22 minutes at the park was all it took...Whenever we drive up to the park now, Parker will start kicking & lifting his legs & feet & pumping his arms up & down with this excited babble/squeal! It's so cute that he recognizes it so fast! Today, not only did he do that as usual, but as soon as we walked around to get him out of his carseat he started blowing us kisses over & over & precious can one get?! :) We could only stay 22 minutes, but that was all he needed. Parker had a blast!

Clay asked Parker to "show daddy where the plane is!" Clay had been looking to his left & seen a plane so when Parker pointed quickly up to his right babbling, Clay thought he was going to have to show Parker where the actual plane was. We looked to where Parker was pointing & sure enough it was another plane!

Another cute moment...Parker saw a lady with her dog & he started pointing & saying, "Woof! Woof!" It made him so happy!

3 fruits that Parker eats like candy: grapes, tomatoes & mandarin oranges

Clay took me shopping for new summer clothes the other day! I am so spoiled; he is so good to me! I literally had 5 short sleeve shirts & 1 pair of shorts in my I have more! Yeah! Thank you baby! Now I just have to get this body tanned & a little more toned! :)

Projects I'm currently working on (for Parker's scrapbook that is!)...I hope to finish them in the next couple of weeks so that I can show them! I just need a little bit of spare time.... :)

Simple, yummy salad I had for lunch today! It made me smile!

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