Monday, April 27, 2009

fun details

Smart boy: So on Sunday when we were coming back to the apartment Clay said, "Why don't we see if Parker knows how to get home from here?" (we had just gotten out of our car & were headed from the parking garage to the elevator to our apt). Parker led us to the right door and then to the elevator (after trying to take the stairs first). Finally we got off the elevator, he made a left turn to go down the hall & walked straight up to our door! He can even reach the doorknob now so he tried to open it! We were some proud parents! :)

The whole weekend he discovered he could open doors at Ashley & Jason's so now he's doing it at home!

Not so 3 day Parker has had 3 accidents:
Saturday - fell down face first on concrete, bit inside of lip, lots of blood, no fun
Sunday - shut finger in door (was a minor incident, but still hurt)
Monday - fell off of couch & bumped head on corner of coffee table

This boy is all over the place; we're REALLY having to watch him carefully because over the last several weeks it's like he has no fear!

Funny: A friend of mine made the comment to me today that her daughter had taken a 4 hr nap yesterday (this is not the first time she has done this in the last couple of weeks.) I asked, "Can kids really sleep that long during the daytime?" We're lucky to get a half hr nap during the day with this little fellow! We are sooo thankful that he is such a good sleeper through the night though!

Oh! And I can't forget about this because I am so proud!!!! Clay did his first ever aerobics class with me today! And he did great! He admitted it wore him out (totally different than the workouts he's used to) but he impressed quite a few ladies!!! :) He even stayed & did CORE with me afterwards! You had the best punches in there, baby! Now we just have to get you to the FIT class... :) I'm sure you'll be excited about that!

This entry is short & sweet; just wanted to record some details of the past couple of days I didn't want to forget!

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